Race Inspired: The Tissot T-Sport PRS 330 Chronograph

Eduardo A. Madinya II, Auto Editor

People ask me each and every day to recommend a good, reliable and affordable watch. So, in an effort to address this popular question I have come up with, at least, one definite watch to consider. Certainly there are many brands out there to choose from still I recommend Swiss Made brands. Notice I said, “Swiss Made” and not “Swiss Movement.” Today’s choice for an everyday, reliable and affordable watch — Tissot’s T-Sport PRS 330 Chronograph. While it doesn’t have a fancy name, simply PRS 330, it does have street credentials.

Earlier I mentioned Swiss Made. Swiss Made means that a watch was made in Switzerland and the majority of the components are Swiss. The minor percentage of components may come from other points on the globe. Now, a watch with the “Swiss Movement” moniker contains a movement made in Switzerland. And, typically, that is all it can claim. The remainder of the watch’s parts may come from other places. The Tissot PRS 330 is Swiss Made and employs the highly accurate G10.211 quartz chronograph movement with a date window. The chronograph (a stop watch) measures lapsed time by using of a 30-minute sub-dial, a 60-second hand and the 1/10 second sub-dial.

The water resistant case (100m/330ft.) has a standard snap tight case back and a precisely flush synthetic sapphire crystal that is highly scratch resistant. The case is made from the standard stainless steel metal (316L) that is a surgical grade steel. It does contain a small amount of nickel, but according to Tissot’s support department, “The materials used by TISSOT are subjected to severe tests in order to avoid allergies,” and, “does not release it [nickel] and is therefore safe for allergy sufferers.” The advantage of this steel is the high resistance to corrosion and excellent durability. So wear this watch anytime, all the time.

Another of the case’s features is the graduated tachymeter that is engraved on the fixed bezel. A tachymeter is an instrument for measuring speed. It is typically read off in kilometers per hour based on a 1,000 meter distance. Now, we wish we had paid more attention to the metric system course in high school.

This gent’s watch is on par with today’s larger diameter watches yet it still looks appropriate on most wrists. This one measures 43 millimeters (again, wishing we had paid more attention to the metric system lecture). It also measures 10.92 millimeters deep—a significant profile—that can still be worn with a dress shirt. And, there is no weight envy because it weighs (ring the bell—ding, ding, ding) in at 107 grams. The black silicon strap with deployable clasp is comfortable and blends perfectly with the lines of the over-sized lugs that connect the strap to the case.

The fit and finish of the PRS 330 is very nice. The brushed finish is complimented by minimal instances of highly-polished appointments. Particularly nice design elements include the crown with an easy to grip finish, and the rectangular shape of the start and reset pushers maintain the same easy to grip finish. It also comes in three color schemes. The race-inspired black dial with Arabic numerals comes in either red, yellow, or orange hands and graphics. We were engaged by the eye catching boldness of the watch.

Another thing that caught our eye was the price point. You see, Tissot has been making watches in Le Locle, Switzerland since 1853 and as such we know that the heritage of this watch is unquestionably Swiss and all the features of a good watch are retained in the PRS 330. This chronograph is priced at only $395. That really is very reasonable for a Swiss Made watch that meets our criteria for reliability and affordability.