How can you make Passive Income

Passive income its just earning money without hardly working as compared to a 9-5 job.

As I said, there are so many things to on the internet, and as well make some extra income that is only if you are patience and giving time to grow and focus. Here are the best ways to make income.

Selling Online For Profit

Selling online is one of the easiest and fastest way to make money fast. As you have heard eBay and Amazon is the best way to make money. Simply buying a product low and selling it online for a profit.

I suggest to keep learning along the way while you are selling, and have strategies.

Perhaps your have a job, but on your day time you are souring rather you are going to a flea market or yard sale.

Creating a Affiliate links and Sharing it

A affiliate marketing is just promoting another person’s product and getting paid for every sale you bring.

Their are so many different ways to share an affiliate link, just like Instagram, Facebook may be the best to share it but also creating a review about the product and giving a affiliate link for it can work as well.

Since the market are always changing you have to be active and see what customers are buying and have a perfect niche on rather you have a Instagram , Facebook, YouTube account or a website

Creating Mobile Apps

Every time I think of creating a app I think about the early stages of  creating a websites, not to many people were doing it, yet there was an opportunity to inserting ads.

You can develop a mobile apps for iPhone and Android and place an advertisement in your app and uploaded to the store. Although its getting more competitive, but more  and more people are using their phone and downloading apps

Keep in mind that everything you do online it must give value to the visitor. If you give value the the customer they will be happy and trust you.

Taking action is the first step that someone needs to take. I notice that most people find them self reading this guides from other bloggers or from books. The only problem is people not taking action.