Octavio Carlin

By/Por Leah Bergman

I met Latino, fashion designer Carlin Octavio in his beautiful home in Los Angeles.  His four dogs barked in a welcoming chorus as I entered, and I was immediately drawn in by Carlin’s engaging personality.  As I spoke with him, I found out he had been a child actor in Mexico City.

It was his acting career that originally brought him to Los Angeles where he studied the Lee Strasberg method, an acting method that invokes the actor’s sensory or emotional memories, and afterwards, he enrolled in UCLA’s Film and Television Program.

His laughter became infectious as he explained what he did next, “Don’t ask me how. One thing took me to another and I went into culinary arts at UCLA– From acting to directing to culinary arts! From there, I ended up in interior design.”

I joked with him about how he kept changing his major.  He good naturally replied, “My Mom said, ‘At least you aren’t going from wanting to be a chef to wanting to be a lawyer.’ They (his parents) understood me because they were all in the same vein.”

It was while he was still experimenting with interior design that he first came in contact with his true passion.  His eyes lit up as he explained how he was first introduced to a woman who worked at Disney, and he took on his first wardrobe projects for some of Disney’s videos, CD Roms, and TV shows.  He said, “I started getting curious about clothing, so … I started doing costume design for them.”

Once he started down this road he never looked back.  Carlin explains, “One day I thought about fashion.  I wanted to do my own thing, so I changed my major from interior design to fashion design, and then there were no changes.  I found my niche.”

One thing that drew Carlin to the fashion industry was that it, “is faster in the ways of creating something,” he explained.  He contrasted the creative process of the movie industry which could take two years to complete a film and he said, “I’m already working on spring/summer of next year and already thinking of fall/winter 2013 and 2014.”

He was also intrigued with the challenge of creating something that was relevant.  He said that in fashion, “You find your niche and your audience/client, but it has to be in tune with what is going on in the world. This is the challenge that I found.  Once I found it, I was very intrigued in obviously creating something, and the challenge of the business of fashion-selling.”

As I look around Carlin’s home, I see his love for “Old Hollywood Glamour” in the beautiful décor.  This theme is also echoed throughout his collection.  “It was a time when people, especially actresses, put so much effort on how they looked and how they would be photographed,” said Carlin.

He combines his love of “Old Hollywood Glamour” with the modern architecture that inspires his clean lines and elegant draping.  He said, ”I’m doing a combination of jersey and silk dresses that fit… with no zippers.”

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His dresses are elegant with a splash of fun.  The combination of materials gives a million dollar look that is comfortable.  Carlin said, “Everyone thinks fashion should be uncomfortable.” He proves that you can be both comfortable and beautiful.

Octavio Carlin takes Old Hollywood glamour and gives it a modern twist.  His pieces are elegant and exciting.  He embraces the feminine form and celebrates its curves.  His love for modern architecture gives his pieces clean, minimalistic lines that flow and make a woman feel beautiful while being comfortable.



To see more of Octavio Carlin’s line please go to http://octaviocarlin.com/