Microsoft's HoloLensMicrosoft's HoloLens

Microsoft's HoloLens

We can see how technology is involving since day one, When ht e internet was bourn we have had major high changes in the industry of technology, But now 2015 we are taking in to the next level which is HoloLens


HoloLens — is just a headset that you can were in a form as glasses that let you see the worlds in a more advance vision. Similar like the Google Glass but it will more technology integrated in the devise with apps, games, and other information.  In a event that Microsoft  had they first presented its vision to the public and how it’s going to work and whats  possible in a HoloLens.  On ca video they introduce about some glasses called HoloLens, not quite similar like google glass but more advise and more creative as we say in the developing world. HoloLens its not for the public yet, but we hope we can have it as soon as possible. Engineers claim that “This is the next generation of computing,” one person says. “This is the next PC.”