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Google I/O

Google is expected to make some big announcements Wednesday, as it revs up its annual developers conference, Google I/O. This year, Google is expected to continue its focus on improving how its products look, how they feel, and how they interact with each other. And, of course, many are also hoping that Google will follow form and use this stage to show off some new gadgets and projects.

Here are five things to expect out of Google I/O today:

1. A watch?: We may see an Android watch — or maybe even two or three, depending on if Android partners jump on board today. At any rate, it is likely that we’ll hear more about Android Wear, Google’s operating system just for wearable devices. The specialized system, announced in March, gives Google the opportunity to jump-start the wearables market by giving manufacturers good software for these new devices. Android Wear makes heavy use of voice controls to keep people from having to squint in order to navigate on ever-smaller screens.

We should also expect to hear more about Glass, Google’s smart headset. On Tuesday, Google released a fresh round of updates for Glass just in time for the developers’ conference, adding 12 new apps including Shazam, language app Duolingo and a live-streaming app called, well, Livestream. The company also announced that future Glass headsets will have double the amount of RAM of previous models, 2 GB rather than 1 GB, which could seriously up the device’s performance.

2. A set-top box: Google has tried before to release a media-streaming box — or a sphere, if you want to get technical — in 2012, with the Nexus Q. But the product was both a little ahead of its time and also not quite ready for the consumer market, and Google shelved it after a few months. It was pretty embarrassing for the company, especially after the firm had already failed to make headway with its Google TV smart television platform. READ MORE CLICK HERE