CSS Virgin – Intro to CSS

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This is the CodeBabes CSS virgin course. You need some knowledge of HTML, a computer, a text editor, and your brain. Let’s get started.

At its most basic level a webpage is made up of HTML. HTML creates the text on the page and the basic structure of the information. But plain old HTML can get pretty boring, pretty fast. CSS gives it a makeover, so it’s sexy, like me. CSS gives you more tools to focus, a users attention on part of the HTML page. So let’s talk about how it works.

CSS is a very basic computer language with its own unique syntax. CSS determines how something will look by specifying a property and a value for that property. The property and value are separated by a colon, no, not that Colin. Ok, yeah that’s better.

So lets say we want to set the font-size of an HTML element. Well, first we list the property of font-size and then we give it a value, let’s say 12 pixels. Ok, but how does the HTML know what CSS is trying to say?

That’s where selectors come in. Selectors allow CSS to refer to a certain element of HTML. They are listed right before you specify the property and value; like this, selector—opening brace—property—value—and a closing brace. Let’s say that text is enclosed in an H1 tag, creating an H1 element. The H1 tag can be the selector, then the CSS will affect that entire H1 element and any other H1 elements that may be on the page.

So go pass the quiz and in the next lesson I might have a little less clothing on, and I will tell you where to stick your CSS. (wink)