Business Startups

Taking Action on your Business

Taking action is the most important step. Being self motivated is the energy of taking action. Think about yourself, think about things that gets you motivated not crazy motivated, but reasons on why your doing it. Taking action on your business will give you a financial independence or have en extra income.

In my personal life, it was the need of extra income for my family. Every morning when the alarm wakes me up. I give myself reasons on why should I wake up early. I go through a process in my mind. I give myself reasons like “I want freedom”,”I don’t want to work for a boss” or “If I wake up late whats the future for me if I don’t take action and I react by standing up and taking a shower and start my day with willing to work hard for my financial freedom.

Sometimes, the starter does not know where to start, So my suggestion will be to start planning. Here some good advice that I have learn by my own experience and from reading books.

Start Planning First Before you get Discouraged.

You got to know the easy part, the hard part and the unknown part of your business, ask yourself this “How can I give value to an audience” “what’s their interest”  “who is my target”

If you know that the business you trying to accomplish contains lot of things that you know you will not be able to do it, my suggestion is look for another type of business

Finding your Niche.

You got to understand that things are changing fast and you need  to adapt to the changes and follow it base on your niche

Here is good process that you can follow. If you don’t know what kind of business you want to do. Click Here

Read as Many Books you can.

Read biographies, business strategies, you will find motivation and inspiration.

Read book based on what you niche

Do research online

Go on YouTube, Blogs, Amazon, Forums, Facebook, Websites anything you can get your eyes on, on things you did not know.

Do research on your business competitors, look who is competing with you. Look on their weakness go on  there social accounts, website, anything. Be a stalker and see what can you learn from them,

Perhaps, how they design the logo, the banners, what they are posting and who is interacting on their post.

Take a look on my other blog on how I do my research base on my competitors click here

Do what is free on the web

Many starters complain on a business or project. They have the idea that a business requires capital, but most of the time adding capital will come when you feel it’s time to put money on your business because you have seen the results base on your customers reaction towards your brand or project.